How did we start

Our company SEIVO, Ltd. was founded in 2017. Utilising decades of experience of one of the founders, we specialise in design, development and production of hardware and software tailored to suit our client´s specific needs. The access system was developed as a contract for the Technology faculty (Faculty) of the Banska University in Ostrava and it has gradually evolved to be our main product. We currently operate over 200 readers with over 2000 entries per day in the VŠB campus. We continuously keep investing in our product, upgrading it by adding new advanced features.


At present, we are mainly focused on constant innovation of our access system, and in parallel we analyse and propose solutions for technical challenges that have been raised with us by our customers. We believe in our abilities and are confident that we can solve any technical challenge whilst outlining the best way for implementation.


We have based our business on providing the best quality data engineering work, building on the tradition of our region. We benefit from being a small company, which enables us to react flexibly and effectively to our customers´ requirements whilst aiming to offer optimal solutions.