Photovoltaic power plants

In our practice, we had the opportunity to cooperate on the preparation and implementation of many photovoltaic power plants, both the smallest ones for heating domestic hot water, with an output of 2kWp, and also the large ones intended for companies with an output of 300kWp. We decided to take advantage of this experience and start our own realizations.

Our photovoltaic story

  • In our area, many people started contacting us, whom we were happy to help in the implementation of their photovoltaic power plant, which they wanted to implement with their own help, and we supervised the entire project and handled the administration.

  • We have done several installations ourselves. We cannot, nor do we want to, boast of hundreds of installations. However, we can proudly say that all our installations turned out to be excellent and serve our customers with complete satisfaction.

  • Our ambition is not to implement a large number of installations, our ambition is to implement each photovoltaic power plant installation with emphasis and precision, detail and customer friendliness.

  • What can we help you with?

  • Consultation
    You want to implement your own photovoltaic power plant and would like to discuss what your options are. We can help you. Even a small installation can save you a lot of money.

  • Elaboration of the study
    Using the PV*SOL program, we can design a photovoltaic power plant on the property of your choice and preliminarily determine the costs of its implementation.

  • Self-help implementation
    Self-help installation of a photovoltaic power plant is possible. But keep in mind that you need to have the appropriate skills. And above all, respect for the fact that you are working with a device that is under voltage and can injure you if handled carelessly. If this option is suitable for you, we will be happy to help with the purchase of materials, recommend suppliers and help with the installation of parts of the system that you do not dare to do yourself.

  • Turnkey implementation
    We only do a few of these installations per year. However, we make sure that they are carried out with all precision. Part of the implementation is the design of the system, its approval, the determination of the implementation date, the implementation itself, the necessary revisions, and the submission of all documents for the subsidy application. Cooperation on processing the subsidy.