Assess System Design

The design of our access system is very unique and due to its unique qualities not easily comparable to any other products in the market. The prototype was depevop and successfully tested in 2010, and since then has gone through several upgrades to adjust to the newest technological requirements.


Primarily, our access system is well suited for buildings with numerous access sites and the high number of users; e.g. offices, bureaus, hospitals, schools etc. The design is constructed in a complex way to meet top level of security, reliability and equally, simplicity.

Not suitable but ...

Our product will not be well utilized in buildings with very few access sites and handful of users. However, we will be able to meet your needs. If you are keen to benefit from advanced qualities of our system, we are able to propose the best suited alteration to fit your specifics.

How are we different

  • Production
    As we design and develop our products in house, it empowers us to add additional functionalities to software and hardware, tailoring our product to your company's needs.

  • Integration
    Our access system is designed in the way to allow smooth integration with all information systems. All functionalities can be tailored accordingly. And so, nothing is an obstacle for us; no matter where you currently hold users' access data - in the database, in a file, on the LDAP server or in any other data storage.

  • Integration process
    We aim to prevent any disruption to the current BAU, and therefore we have designed our access system to allow a parallel run for a period of time. This provides our customers with confidence that potential glitches due to complexity or obsolescence of the current system will be resolved and fixes deployed in the control way.

  • Security
    Security of our access system is maintained using the latest NFC technology, which is widely used in the banking environment. The security level can be set accordingly, and during its shelf life upgraded or downgraded without fundamental changes to topology or hardware.